Marianne Williams Appears On Newsmax, Telling Biden He Should Be “Ashamed.”

Aiexpress – In a recent appearance on Newsmax, Marianne Williamson, a Democratic presidential candidate with slim chances of success, expressed her disappointment and called out President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). She explicitly stated that they should feel ashamed of their handling of the primary process.

In a direct message to the president, Williamson expressed her disapproval of the way he and his administration, along with the DNC, have suppressed opposing candidates in the primary season. She called this undemocratic and urged the president to be ashamed of himself.

According to the self-help author from California, voters should have more options if there is low enthusiasm for a rematch between Biden and Trump.

Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, is also taking on the challenge of running against Biden, along with Williamson. Previously, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was a Democrat candidate but later switched to independent. He has been spending a significant amount of money in order to secure a place on state ballots, which can be a costly and complicated process without the support of a major party.

Williamson and Phillips are actively campaigning in New Hampshire, which poses a unique challenge as Biden’s name will not be on the ballot. Despite facing some turnover within her campaign, Williamson remains determined to make a strong impact in the state.


According to Williamson, voters are being deprived of a genuine choice due to the challenges surrounding ballot access and Biden’s refusal to engage in debates with his opponents. Numerous candidates have encountered obstacles related to ballot access in various states, including Florida.

Williamson issued a warning about the true nature of the system and the immense power held by the political elite and money when one finds themselves deep within its grasp.

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