Authorities Seek Multiple Individuals in Alabama for Questioning Regarding Retail and Organized Theft Incidents

Alabama authorities released information on Jan. 29 and Jan. 30 regarding several individuals sought for felony shoplifting and organized retail theft charges.

It is important to remember that according to Alabama’s law, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. While these individuals may be wanted in a specific county in Alabama, it is crucial to keep in mind that people travel throughout the state on a daily basis.

Wanted in Alabama

The authorities are seeking the first group for questioning regarding a retail theft at a local business. The stolen items are valued at over $500. The car used as a getaway vehicle is believed to be a Honda Civic.

Authorities are currently seeking the second group of individuals for questioning in connection with an organized retail theft worth $2,000. The suspected vehicle involved in the incident has not yet been identified.

If you have any information about the individuals shown in the image above, please reach out to Detective Chambless at 205-444-7632 or CS at 205-254-7777. Remember, there may be a cash reward for any tips that lead to an arrest.


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