Alabama Power officials declare initiatives to assist customers in addressing recent increases in power bills

Alabama Power Co. has recently introduced new initiatives to assist customers in managing their increased utility bills.

According to officials, the recent cold wave has caused a surge in electricity consumption, leading to higher bills for numerous customers.

Support programs such as Project SHARE, LIHEAP, and ABC Trust Fund are available, according to a release.

Officials have acknowledged the current surge in calls to their customer service center and expressed gratitude for the patience and understanding of callers. They are diligently working to address each call.

To improve customer assistance, officials encourage customers to visit the Alabama Power website at Here, they can conveniently create an account, monitor their usage and trends, and find quick answers to many of their questions.


“If customers have any remaining questions or concerns after exploring our website, we encourage them to reach out by completing our online form,” stated officials. “We want to assure you that our dedicated team will respond within five to seven business days. Additionally, customers are welcome to visit their local business office for any billing or account-related inquiries.”

Officials have made it clear that their main aim is to provide reassurance to customers. In collaboration with the Alabama Public Service Commission, AP has made a commitment to not disconnect customers for non-payment until March 15.

Alabama Power officials have recently announced various programs aimed at assisting customers in dealing with the recent surge in power bills. These initiatives are designed to provide support and relief to customers who may be facing difficulties in managing their increased energy costs. The company understands the challenges that many customers are currently facing and is committed to offering solutions to alleviate their financial burden. By implementing these programs, Alabama Power aims to provide practical assistance and ensure that customers can effectively tackle their higher power bills.

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