Boss gives coworkers lottery tickets as Christmas gift, they win $50,000 and split the winnings

The employees of a Kentucky company received an unexpected early Christmas surprise when their boss decided to give them lottery scratch-off tickets as a last-minute holiday gift.

‘Tis the season of giving, isn’t it? Sheila Colter, a shift supervisor at the Medical Center at Bowling Green, decided to spread some holiday cheer by ordering gifts for her coworkers online ahead of their office Christmas party.

Unfortunately, the party had been planned for the first week of December, but the gifts did not arrive in time.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, she opted for scratch-off tickets instead.

Colter generously distributed scratch-off tickets and a few $30 tickets to her employees, one of which turned out to be a lucky winner, earning $50.


The coworkers were motivated to play again, realizing that the more money they had, the more enjoyable the game would be.

“We continued playing together,” said Colter, who resides in Bowling Green. “I would make a quick stop on my way to work, and we consistently achieved victory.”

She purchased one ticket, the $50 Millionaire Club Scratch-off, which won her $100. Encouraged by her luck, she decided to buy two more tickets on December 8. To her surprise, one of those tickets ended up winning the group an astonishing $50,000.

“We were all filled with excitement,” she exclaimed. “I couldn’t contain my joy and literally fell to the floor in disbelief.”

According to the Kentucky Lottery, the group will receive approximately $36,000 after taxes, which amounts to $1,750 for each employee.

Colter has exciting plans for her winnings as she intends to use them to cover her Christmas shopping expenses.

Winnie Beckman, Colter’s coworker, plans to use her winnings to help cover the medical expenses of her mother, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

She expressed her gratitude, saying, “This assistance will be immensely helpful, and I will always remember this act of kindness.”

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