Brooklyn Woman Arrested In Webster For Trafficking After Home Invasion Warning

Aiexpress – In Webster today, a Brooklyn woman was arrested on trafficking charges thanks to the diligent work of officers from the Neighborhood Response Team (NRT). The arrest came after a home invasion occurred in the town, prompting local authorities to issue a Be-On-The-Lookout (BOLO) alert for a white Nissan Rogue believed to be involved in the crime.

After getting the warning, the NRT officers were on the lookout and found the suspect car in the parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts on Grafton Street at 9:44 AM. Officers detained the driver of the car, who was recognized as Sabreena Young, 33, from Brooklyn. When the cops searched the car, they found what they thought were large amounts of crack cocaine and powder cocaine. A statement from the WPD.

Ms. Young was arrested and is facing charges of Trafficking in a Class B Substance, specifically in the quantity range of 100-199 grams. The Webster Police Department has taken over the investigation into the home invasion following her arrest, as stated in a release by the WPD.

The incident highlights the efficient collaboration among different law enforcement units when it comes to addressing and promptly responding to criminal activities. Ms. Young’s arrest not only potentially connects her to the home invasion but also emphasizes the continuous fight against drug trafficking in the region.

As the investigation continues, more information is likely to come to light regarding the home invasion and any potential involvement of Ms. Young. The Webster Police Department will keep the public updated as the case unfolds. In the meantime, Sabreena Young is currently awaiting her preliminary court proceedings for the trafficking charges.

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