Caitlin Clark Gives Shoes To Young Fan Who Imitates Iowa’s Pregame Warmup Routine

Aiexpress – Every time Caitlin Clark steps onto the court for a game, her impact on women’s basketball fans, particularly young girls, is undeniable.

The atmosphere is always electric with fans rallying behind the country’s top player, adorned in No. 22 jerseys and brandishing signs of encouragement.

After the Hawkeyes’ dominant 96-50 victory against Wisconsin on Tuesday, Clark made a heartfelt gesture towards a young fan she had noticed earlier. She generously handed over her own Nike Sabrina 1s, personally signed them, and gifted them to the delighted girl.

Franny, a nine-year-old girl from Dubuque, Iowa, is a devoted fan of Clark, as reported by Blake Hornstein, an Iowa beat reporter.

According to Clark, when it comes to interacting with fans, they usually don’t say much as they may be in a state of shock. However, there was a particular incident where a girl wearing Clark’s jersey caught her attention. Clark found it adorable as the girl was mimicking their warm-up routine, copying their stretches and leg swings.


Sitting courtside, she was filled with joy, relishing the incredible opportunity that had come her way. It was a simple gesture, but it had the power to brighten her entire day. The experience was undeniably thrilling, and she couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of appreciation for the moment.

Clark dazzled Franny and the rest of the Iowa fans with an impressive performance, filling up the stat sheet with 32 points, seven rebounds, five assists, four steals, and a block.

Clark is currently on track to break not only the NCAA women’s basketball scoring record, which is currently held by former Washington All-American Kelsey Plum with 3,527 points, but also the NCAA men’s basketball scoring record, currently held by Pete Maravich with 3,667 points, in this season alone.

Clark, who is currently averaging 31 points per game this season, is on track to catch Plum in about eight games and Maravich in about 12 games.

With 11 games remaining in the regular season, No. 2 Iowa is on track for the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments. Barring any injuries, Clark is poised to finish the year as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA basketball, regardless of gender.

On Sunday, the Hawkeyes will be back in action as they face off against the 18th-ranked Ohio State in a road matchup.

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