Zac Brown Band Extends Tempting Invitation to Travis and Jason Kelce

Could there ever be a collaboration between the Zac Brown Band and the Kelce brothers in the future?

Travis Kelce and his older brother Jason have shown a clear interest in the idea, as discussed on their recent episode of the New Heights podcast.

Travis, aged 34, and Jason, aged 36, have recently been asked about their plans for retiring from the NFL. While the NFL confirmed that Jason announced his retirement after a game that marked the end of the season, the center for the Philadelphia Eagles has clarified that he didn’t intentionally make any announcement about his future.

He believes that the overwhelming emotions at the time prevented him from fully comprehending and solidifying his decision.

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Curiosity about Travis’ post-NFL plans has been piqued, in large part, due to the increased attention he has received since going public with his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. While Travis expressed during a press conference on January 11th that he has “no desire to stop anytime soon” with football, he did hint at the possibility of exploring a career in entertainment once he hangs up his cleats.

The Zac Brown Band has offered an alternative avenue for the brothers to explore their creativity. In a video shared on Instagram on January 10, the country band led by Zac Brown featured a clip from one of the brothers’ recent podcast episodes. Travis, a self-proclaimed “big Zac Brown Band fan,” introduces himself in the clip before the brothers launch into a rendition of the song “Toes” from the band’s 2008 album, The Foundation.

The band expressed their excitement on Instagram, saying, “Sounds good, brothers! Who’s ready to hear the Kelce boys harmonize on the next record?”

In the newest episode of “New Heights” released on Wednesday, the brothers shared their reaction to the band’s suggestion. Travis emphasized that the Zac Brown Band is “one of our favorites,” but both he and Jason admitted that they don’t have much experience with harmonizing.

“We actually don’t know how to harmonize,” Jason admitted. “We’ve attempted this several times during the show.” Travis playfully mentioned that they have been attempting to achieve this with the State Farm individuals for quite some time.

Jason pondered if there was a possibility of collaborating with the band in some way. Jason expressed his excitement and admiration, stating that it would be a great honor to collaborate with those individuals.

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