Caitlin Clark Surpasses Lynette Woodard’s Women’s Scoring Record, Continues To Pursue Pete Maravich’s Mark

Aiexpress – Caitlin Clark and the No. 6 Iowa team took on Minnesota in a highly-anticipated Big Ten matchup on Wednesday night. The Hawkeyes dominated the game and secured an impressive 108-60 victory. As usual, Clark was in top form and had yet another remarkable performance. However, it wasn’t just her scoring that stood out, but also the way she did it. She made an abundance of three-pointers, setting new records in the process.

Clark, the current record holder for the NCAA Division I women’s basketball all-time scoring record, only needed 51 points to surpass Pete Maravich. You might be wondering, who is Pistol Pete?

Maravich played for LSU from 1967 to 1970, scoring 3,667 points in just three seasons. He did so during a period when freshmen were not permitted to play varsity basketball, there was no shot clock, and there was no 3-point line.

Clark, also known as “Ponytail Pete,” is on the verge of surpassing Maravich’s record as she needs only 18 points in the final regular-season game. The Hawkeyes are set to take on No. 2 Ohio State in Iowa City on Sunday afternoon. Although it is senior day, Clark has yet to reveal whether she plans to return for a potential fifth year, as she is eligible due to the COVID season.

The average price of tickets for that game exceeds $500.


Final: Iowa 108, Minnesota 60

Caitlin Clark showed her exceptional skills once again as she achieved her 17th career triple-double in Iowa’s dominant 108-60 victory. The talented player contributed 33 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds to her team’s impressive win.

In Iowa’s dominant victory on Wednesday night, Clark achieved several remarkable records. Notably, Clark has now surpassed Lynette Woodard in terms of total points scored. Additionally, Clark has also set a new record for the most three-pointers made in a single season, surpassing the achievements of all other players.

When it comes to the topic of 3-pointers, Iowa had an exceptional performance against Minnesota, making a remarkable 21 shots from beyond the arc. Leading the charge was Clark, who displayed her sharpshooting skills by going 8-of-14 from long range. However, she wasn’t the only one who caught fire that day. Marshall contributed 16 points with four 3-pointers, McCabe added 15 points with five 3-pointers, Feuerbach chipped in with 13 points and four 3-pointers, and Davis rounded out the double-digit scorers with 11 points, including one 3-pointer. All in all, it was a collective effort that showcased Iowa’s prowess from downtown.

Caitlin Clark Passes Lynette Woodard

Caitlin Clark has risen up the scoring ladder this season, but some have pointed out that, while her performance is great, it does not compare to that of former Kansas star Lynette Woodard.

Now, it not only passes it, but it surpasses it.

With just 4 minutes and 29 seconds left on the clock, Clark achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the scoring record set by Woodard in major college women’s basketball. Woodard’s record, which was set between 1978 and 1981, has been confined to the AIAW record books as it predates the NCAA’s involvement in women’s sports. Clark believes that the NCAA should acknowledge and include scoring records from the AIAW era, just as they already do with coaching records.

For many people, the fact that Clark has passed Woodard will validate Clark’s achievements and everything she has accomplished.

End of 3Q: Iowa 86, Minnesota 48

Iowa is still on fire from beyond the arc, knocking down an impressive 16 three-pointers with 10 minutes remaining. It’s almost comical at this point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if even post player Hannah Stuelke decides to take a shot from deep.

Caitlin Clark continues to impress with her exceptional performance, achieving her second consecutive triple-double and marking the 17th of her career. As we enter the final quarter, she has already accumulated an impressive 30 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. What’s more, her shooting has been nothing short of remarkable, with 11 successful shots out of 17 attempts, including 7 impressive three-pointers.

Iowa is completely dominating the game in every aspect. They are excelling in points scored in the paint, outscoring their opponents 36 to 16. Additionally, their bench players have been contributing significantly, outscoring the opposing team’s bench 28 to 9. Iowa is also dominating in fast break points, with an impressive lead of 30 to 1.

We still have another quarter left, and it’s safe to say that this is not the senior night Minnesota had hoped for.

Another (3-point) record for Caitlin Clark

Another day, another milestone for Caitlin Clark.

Clark has now established an NCAA single-season record for made threes with 155, with her seventh three of the night coming with 7:16 remaining in the third. She has surpassed former Idaho great Taylor Pierce, who hit 154 three-pointers in the 2018-19 season.

It is worth noting that Taylor Robertson, a sharpshooter who played at Oklahoma from 2018 to 2023, holds the career 3-point record. She has 537 in her career. Clark now has 502. Might she catch Robertson?

Halftime: Iowa 53, Minnesota 26

She is the top scorer of the game, having scored 21 points on 7-of-11 shooting. In the first quarter alone, she contributed to 21 out of Iowa’s 30 points, either through scoring or assisting.

Clark has also contributed with six assists, showcasing his versatility on the court. One notable play was his clever bounce pass to Marshall in the lane.

Iowa is off to a strong start in the game, building a commanding 14-point lead during the first period. They have managed to achieve this by executing multiple 9-0 runs. The first run was led by the talented Caitlin Clark, which comes as no surprise given her exceptional skills. The second run involved several players from the Hawkeyes team, contributing to their impressive 30-16 lead.

With Clark already racking up an impressive 15 points on 5-of-7 shooting, it’s safe to say that she’s having a great game. This is particularly impressive considering she struggled with her shooting in the past few weeks. It’s worth noting that Clark dropped 35 points against the Golden Gophers in their previous matchup. Will she surpass that tonight? Only time will tell.

Iowa’s shooting performance as a team has been exceptional, with a remarkable 61% shooting accuracy. This impressive display of shooting skills is certainly not helping Minnesota’s chances of pulling off an upset. It’s not just Clark who is on fire though, as Kylie Feuerbach has also been successful with 2 out of 3 three-point shots made.

Iowa is currently dominating the game in both fast break points and scoring. They have a commanding lead in fast break points, currently leading 10-0. The Hawkeyes are displaying their offensive prowess by effortlessly scoring from all areas of the court.

The game started off with a bang as the reigning national player of the year went on a blazing 9-0 run.

Caitlin Clark showcased her remarkable skills by scoring nine consecutive points for her team, which included a remarkable logo 3-pointer. It was not until then that Minnesota managed to score their first points. However, Clark wasted no time in answering back with yet another impressive 3-pointer.

With only 51 points to go, it is highly likely that Clark will break the record on Sunday during senior day when Iowa takes on Ohio State. However, it is possible that Clark may have other ideas as she is already off to a strong start with 12 points on a perfect 4-of-4 shooting. Additionally, she has already secured three rebounds in the game.

Looks like the Golden Gophers are in for a lengthy night.

The Hawkeyes dropped to the sixth spot in the rankings following their defeat against Indiana. With only one regular-season game remaining, they will face off against No. 2 Ohio State on senior day at home. Tonight, they will be playing a game in Minnesota.

According to Dan Wolken, labeling Caitlin Clark’s eventual 3,668th point as a milestone or important moment for women’s sports is illogical and could potentially lead to an unnecessary backlash.

Clark is on the verge of a major milestone in her basketball career. With 3,617 career points under her belt, she is only 51 points away from surpassing Pete Maravich on the all-time scoring list. This achievement is within her reach as she continues to exhibit an impressive scoring average of 32.1 points per game this season. With a few more games left in the regular season, as well as the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments, Clark has ample opportunities to solidify her place in basketball history.

What is Caitlin Clark’s highest-scoring game?

In her record-breaking performance of the 2023-24 season, Clark showcased her highest-scoring game against Michigan on Feb. 15. With an impressive 49 points, Clark’s exceptional skills were on full display. She shot 16-for-31, including an impressive 9-for-18 from beyond the arc. Additionally, Clark contributed to the game with five rebounds and an impressive 13 assists, ultimately leading her team to a remarkable 106-89 victory.

Do you have a deep admiration for Caitlin Clark, or do you absolutely adore her?

Love her, hate her, like her, or think she’s overrated, one thing is certain: Caitlin Clark, the senior guard from Iowa, possesses serious game. Not sure about your stance on her? Allow us to assist you. Our USA TODAY Sports quiz will provide you with the answer to a pivotal question as we gear up for March Madness: What kind of Caitlin Clark fan are you? – Lindsay Schnell

Caitlin Clark game-by-game points this season

Let’s take a closer look at Clark’s scoring performance for the Hawkeyes this season:

    • vs. Illinois, 2/25/24: 24 points
    • at Indiana, 2/22/24: 24 points
    • vs. Michigan, 2/15/24: 49 points  (season-high, school record for single game)
    • vs. Nebraska, 2/11/24: 31 points
    • vs. Penn State, 2/8/24: 27 points
    • at Maryland, 2/3/24: 38 points
    • at Northwestern, 1/31/24: 35 points
    • vs. Nebraska, 1/27/2024: 38 points
    • at Ohio State, 1/21/2024: 45 points
    • vs. Wisconsin, 1/16/2024: 32 points
    • vs. Indiana, 1/13/2024: 30 points
    • at Purdue, 1/10/2024: 26 points
    • at Rutgers, 1/5/2024: 29 points
    • vs. Michigan State, 1/2/2024: 40 points
    • vs. Minnesota, 12/30/2023: 35 points
    • vs. Loyola Chicago, 12/21/2023: 35 points
    • vs. Cleveland State, 12/16/2023: 38 points
    • at Wisconsin, 12/10/2023: 28 points
    • vs. Iowa State, 12/6/2023: 35 points
    • vs. Bowling Green, 12/2/2023: 24 points
    • vs. Kansas State, 11/26/2023: 32 points
    • vs. Florida Gulf Coast, 11/25/2023: 21 points
    • vs. Purdue Fort Wayne, 11/24/2023: 29 points
    • vs. Drake, 11/19/2023: 35 points
    • vs. Kansas State, 11/16/2023: 24 points
    • at UNI, 11/12/2023: 24 points
    • vs. Virginia Tech, 11/9/2023: 44 points
    • vs. FDU, 11/6/2023: 28 points

Is Caitlin Clark a senior?

Yes, Clark is a senior. But she might return next year and be a super senior if she wants.

Despite being anticipated as the first pick in the 2024 WNBA draft, she could return to Iowa City next season. Because Clark was a freshman in 2020–21, she has a COVID year.

The Greatest Show in Sports is humming along, barnstorming the country, hitting logo threes, and breaking records as February gives way to the chaos of March, bringing us closer to answering two exciting questions:

Will Caitlin Clark return to Iowa for her fifth COVID season, or will she join the WNBA? Is she going to represent the United States at the Olympics this summer in Paris?

The first question is completely within her power and hers to answer. Does Clark, a fourth-year senior who can take a COVID year if she wants, return to Iowa to sink three-pointers, weave no-look passes, and crowd arenas across the Big Ten and the country, which will be essentially the same by the start of the 2024–25 season? Or does she join the WNBA, where she will be the first selection in the draft and instantly become the most well-known professional in the women’s game, despite the inevitable learning curve of playing alongside and against the world’s greatest players? Christine Brennan

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