California attorney general cautions school districts against implementing forced outing policy

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has recently issued a legal alert to school districts throughout the state, cautioning them against the practice of mandating school staff to report if a student identifies as transgender. Bonta asserts that such a requirement is in violation of the state’s constitution.

According to him, there are individuals who disregard the legal obligations. He emphasized that their purpose is to safeguard the constitutional rights, statutory rights, and civil rights of the younger generation.

Bonta argued that the policy has the potential to endanger children, especially those who come from homes where their families may reject them.

According to him, the data reveals that 15% of transgender and gender non-conforming young individuals face the heartbreaking reality of being kicked out of their own homes. Additionally, another 10% experience physical harm inflicted by their own family members.

Over the past year, the controversy surrounding this issue has led to significant disruptions, particularly during school board meetings, which have become battlegrounds for the ongoing culture wars. Sonja Shaw, the President of the Chino Valley School Board, is a staunch advocate of the policy and finds herself in the midst of a lawsuit filed by Bonta. According to Shaw, parents should have the right to be informed if their child expresses a desire to change their gender identity or preferred pronouns.


“I believe Bonta is displaying his own insecurities,” she stated. “He seems fixated on power, desiring to assume the role of a parent to our children, rather than focusing on his actual responsibility of ensuring the safety of California. By preventing parents from accessing campuses, what measures is he taking to guarantee their security? It’s utterly illogical.”

According to Chino Valley Attorney Jacob Hiebert, Bonta’s assumption is that all parents are abusers.

According to the concerned individual, the attorney general’s actions seem to assume that all parents are abusers. This perspective, he argues, is unreasonable and counterproductive.

Kristi Hirst, a parent and former teacher from Chino Valley, is a strong advocate for LGBTQ students through her work with Our Schools USA.

According to her, there is concrete evidence showing that this policy is causing harm to students and families. The Rainbow Youth Project, an organization they collaborate with, has a crisis hotline that serves the entire state of California. Whenever this policy is implemented, it leads to a surge in crisis situations for young individuals.

Shaw remains resolute in her belief that this is a battle to protect the rights of parents, and she shows no signs of backing down.

She stated that the political cartel has been revealing their intentions, and she believes it is crucial for us to uphold our constitutional rights and join forces to safeguard our children.

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