Carroll Worried About Trump’s Payment As Rumors Circulate About Potential Property Seizure

Aiexpress – E. Jean Carroll has expressed “very serious concerns” about the possibility of never receiving the $83.3 million Donald Trump owes her. This comes amidst speculation that Attorney General Letitia James may take legal action against Trump’s New York property if he fails to pay the $450 million+ judgment in his civil fraud trial.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance commented on the New York appeals court’s decision to deny Trump’s request to freeze the judgement against him in the fraud trial. She highlighted that while he is appealing, the New York attorney general is now free to execute the judgment she has received against him. Vance suggested that one possible action the attorney general might take is to target some of Trump’s real property.

In evaluating Carroll’s judgment amidst the uncertainty caused by Trump’s request for a postponement of the ruling in her case, attorney Roberta Kaplan questions Trump’s credibility to fulfill his promise. In her court documents, Kaplan remarks, “He is essentially asking the Court to rely on his word alone, and in a case where he has an $83.3 million judgment against him, the evidence he presents is flimsy at best; it is akin to a borrower with a dubious reputation signing a piece of paper napkin.”

In a recent statement to Truth Social, Trump maintains his stance that his legal troubles are part of a “witch hunt.” He asserts that this is an unprecedented attack on Joe Biden’s political opponent, emphasizing that such a situation has never occurred before in the history of the United States. Trump vows to persistently appeal until justice is ultimately served.

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