Haley Said Trump ‘should Have Stopped’ Capitol Attack Far Earlier

Aiexpress  –  Nikki Haley found herself in a delicate position once again as she addressed the issue of January 6 and the 2020 election during her appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press. During her interview with Kristin Welker, she was confronted with questions about the attack on the Capitol.

Nikki Haley, who served as ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration, delicately navigated her stance on Donald Trump’s actions before and during the Capitol riot. She emphasized that the former president would be held accountable for his actions in a court of law. While she refrained from taking a definitive position on whether Trump was guilty of a crime for not intervening when the mob attacked and injured police officers at the Capitol, she deemed it “questionable” and believed that the courts should determine the answer.

“I’m not a lawyer,” she emphasized, clarifying her viewpoint, “I believe he should have spoken up sooner. He should have intervened when it first began.”

“I must emphasize that organizing the rally was not a criminal act. However, it is indeed questionable that he did not intervene to prevent people from breaking the law, considering that he had the chance to do so. This is the aspect that the courts will need to address and deliberate upon.”

According to the former governor, her opponent will have to face consequences for allegedly supporting “lawlessness” during the attack. However, Ms. Haley has also suggested that if she were to become president, Mr. Trump would receive a presidential pardon, which means he would not face any federal punishment for his actions.


Nikki Haley has been intensifying her criticisms of her primary opponent lately, but she still lags far behind the former president in both polling numbers and delegates for the upcoming Republican convention in July. This gap between the two rivals is expected to widen significantly on Tuesday, as 15 states and one territory will have more than a third of all delegates up for grabs.

Hillary Clinton is aiming to win a few states from Donald Trump in the upcoming Super Tuesday contest this week. Her campaign is particularly targeting Utah and Virginia. However, this task is not without its challenges, and it is expected that larger states like Texas and California will ultimately favor her opponent.

Ms. Haley’s nomination is still uncertain, unless there is a compelling reason for Mr. Trump to withdraw from the race, such as the increasing costs of his legal problems. However, this scenario is highly unlikely at the moment. Despite not gaining significant momentum, Ms. Haley has managed to maintain a substantial following of Republicans, independents, and even conservative Democrats who continue to support her campaign. Nevertheless, if she does not garner enough support soon, she will face the risk of being mathematically eliminated.

The results of the Republican primary in Washington DC are set to be announced Sunday evening, following a day of voting. It is anticipated that Ms Haley will put up a strong competition in the District of Columbia. However, it is important to note that there is also a significant number of Trump supporters in the city and its surrounding suburbs.

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