Cedar Crest resident faces 19 charges of animal cruelty

ai express – The victim, who is blind, expressed to the social worker his feelings of insecurity within the home. To escape from Battaglino and the unpleasant smell of the house, he spends most of his days at a Senior Center. According to the complaint, whenever he raises concerns about the condition of the home, Battaglino becomes extremely angry. Additionally, he informed the police that due to the excessive clutter, he has been unable to use his kitchen for five years. Furthermore, there is a lack of heating and running water in the house.

According to documents, the victim asserts that Battaglino moved in approximately 20 years ago after he generously offered her a place to stay when she was homeless. Battaglino claims to be his caretaker, although he has not been officially diagnosed with dementia. The victim states that aside from occasional rides, he does not require daily care.

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