Chairman of House Homeland Security Committee announces retirement after leading Mayorkas impeachment the previous day

Tennessee Republican U.S. Representative, Mark Green, made the decision not to seek re-election for a fourth term. He cited various reasons for his departure, including the recent impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Green expressed that it is now “time for me to return home.”

“Our country, as well as our Congress, has reached a state of disrepair that seems almost impossible to fix,” Green expressed in a statement. “It has become clear to me that our battle does not reside within the confines of Washington, but rather against the very system that governs it.”

As the Committee on Homeland Security chairman, Green played a pivotal role in leading the charge to impeach Mayorkas based on concerns about border security. This marked a highly partisan and unconventional attack on a Cabinet official. Through an extensive investigation, Green’s panel scrutinized Mayorkas’ policies and leadership of the department. Ultimately, on Tuesday, they concluded that his actions in office constituted “high crimes and misdemeanors” deserving of impeachment.

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Representative Green has been serving in the 7th Congressional District since 2019. The district was redrawn in 2022 to encompass a substantial portion of Nashville. Prior to his time in Congress, Green served as an Army surgeon and was a member of the state Senate. He hails from Montgomery County.


“I have dedicated my entire life to serving this country, and I will continue to do so, albeit in a different role,” Green stated on Wednesday. He did not reveal whether he plans to run for governor again in 2026, as the seat will be available due to Republican Gov. Bill Lee being restricted by Tennessee’s gubernatorial term limits.

In 2022, the Republicans made significant changes to Green’s middle Tennessee congressional seat during the redistricting process. These changes are currently the subject of a federal lawsuit, scheduled to go to trial in April 2025.

Caleb Stack has already pulled petitions to run for the congressional district, representing the Republican side. Meanwhile, former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry declared her candidacy as a Democrat for the same position last year.

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Barry expressed his anticipation for potential candidates who align with Mark Green or hold even more extreme views to announce their campaigns. He eagerly awaits the opportunity to engage in political discourse with whoever emerges as the successful candidate from that primary.

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