Snowfall Continues in Illinois and Wisconsin as Winter Storm Sweeps Across the West

The month started off with an unusually warm February, setting a record for high temperatures. However, the weather forecast for northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin indicates a sudden shift back to winter conditions.

February 2024 Trending as One of the Warmest in History

The past couple of weeks have brought unusually warm temperatures to our region, making February on track to be one of the warmest months on record.

The trend of having one of the warmest Februarys is about to take a turn in the opposite direction as temperatures drop significantly and the possibility of several inches of snow accumulation looms over the Stateline area.

Thunderstorms and a Wintry Mix Possible through Thursday (2/15)

The forecast doesn’t anticipate Thundersnow that would get Jim Cantore all worked up, but there is a possibility of thunderstorms followed by flurries within a 12-hour period.

The weather outlook for Rockford predicts a potential thunderstorm on Wednesday night, which is likely to transition into a wintry mix by Thursday morning (2/15). On Thursday, we can expect high temperatures in the upper 30s.


Winter Weather Advisory is in Effect for Some Wisconsin Counties

Some cities in Wisconsin, including Janesville and Madison, could see up to 4 inches of snow accumulation. A Winter Weather Advisory has been activated until 11 am on Thursday, February 15th.

Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning commute. -National Weather Service

To stay updated on the current interstate and road conditions in Wisconsin, simply click here.

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