Co-defendant in Trump trial warned about possible removal from court after laughing at testimony

During the testimony in the extensive election interference case against former President Donald Trump in Georgia, a co-defendant was cautioned about his behavior in the courtroom. The individual was warned that he may be removed from the proceedings after he was observed laughing.

During a hearing on Thursday, David Shafer, the former chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, received a reprimand regarding the misconduct allegations against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The Georgia election interference case against Mr. Trump is being overseen by Ms. Willis. However, concerns have been raised about her ethics due to her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor in charge of the case.

During the hearing, Mr. Trump’s defense attorneys presented motions with the intention of having Ms. Willis removed from the case.

During the hearing, Mr. Wade was called to testify and faced inquiries regarding their joint vacations and the financing behind them. When asked, Mr. Wade clarified that he would use his credit card to book the travel arrangements, while Ms. Willis would reimburse him in cash afterwards.


During the livestream of the hearing, Mr. Shafer couldn’t contain his laughter.

Judge Scott McAfee issued a stern warning to Mr. Shafer, cautioning him against repeating his actions.

In August, a grand jury in Georgia indicted Mr. Trump along with 18 others. The indictment was based on allegations that he had made attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in the state.

The focal point of the case revolves around a phone conversation between Mr. Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, which took place just days before Biden’s inauguration. In a leaked audio of the call, published by the Washington Post, Mr. Trump can be heard issuing threats and berating Mr. Raffensperger, as well as urging him to “find” additional votes to secure his own victory.

Former or sitting president, Mr. Trump, holds the distinction of being the first and only individual in that position to face criminal charges. State and federal prosecutors have filed four criminal indictments against him, totaling 91 felony counts.

He has pleaded not guilty to every charge in each case and has accused prosecutors of “election interference” and attempting to derail his 2024 run for a second term in the Oval Office.

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