Motorcyclist Taken Into Custody for Speeding at 150 MPH in Colorado

Driving in Colorado can often be a source of stress, leading to instances of intense road rage.

The state is plagued by an overwhelming number of speed demons, which only exacerbates the situation.

It is a common sight to witness individuals driving at high speeds in this area. People have a fondness for pushing the boundaries of what is permissible by law, occasionally putting others at risk.

A man from Texas took his motorcycle to another level while flying on it along I25 in Colorado.

Texas Man Arrested After Releasing Video of Him Driving 150 MPH on I25 in Colorado

He actually drove at a staggering speed of 150 MPH on I25, which is incredibly dangerous considering the duration of his joyride.


A man named Rendon Dietzmann from Texas recently shared a video on YouTube showcasing his incredible journey from Colorado Springs to Denver in just 20 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, only 20 minutes!

Coloradans often find themselves complaining about Texans driving too slowly in the snow. However, in this particular instance, the situation was quite the opposite.

Driving between the two cities usually takes around an hour, but attempting to make the journey in just 20 minutes would require dangerously reckless driving.

Throughout the video, he skillfully navigates through traffic, effortlessly maneuvering between cars at incredibly high speeds.

The original video no longer exists on YouTube, but it has been preserved by Fox31 Denver for a newscast.

After the video went viral on social media, Colorado’s State Patrol issued an arrest warrant and collaborated with the Dallas police to apprehend him.

Dietzmann was taken into custody on Tuesday and has remained in jail since Wednesday.

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