Customer in Connecticut expresses anger over the price increase of an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s

ai express – The internet is buzzing over a McDonald’s receipt from a Connecticut location that has caused quite a stir. The focus of attention? The price of the beloved breakfast sandwich, the Egg McMuffin.

A receipt showcasing the escalating price of the Egg McMuffin to $7.29 was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the official account of Bespoke, the New York-based Bespoke Investment Group.

The account expressed disbelief, questioning the current state of the world. “What has the world come to? These were 2 for $2 pretty recently,” they exclaimed.

The bill indicated that the order consisted of two Egg McMuffins and one Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle without two half-strips of bacon. The total, including tax, amounted to $23.37.

The customer placed the order at 7:29 a.m. on Saturday at a McDonald’s in Fairfield, Connecticut.


A few users noticed that the prices at this specific McDonald’s location might be higher because it is situated at a rest stop along Interstate 95. The account acknowledged that this was indeed true but exclaimed, “The prices are outrageous!”

One user expressed their opinion that the restaurants along Fairfield County I-95 are considered to be some of the priciest fast food options in the entire country.

According to one individual, the account made a few beginner errors by not utilizing the McDonald’s app or visiting a location off the interstate.

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According to the Bespoke account, they usually steer clear of rest-stop McDonald’s “like the plague.” However, there are instances when it becomes the only choice for kids who are craving an Egg McMuffin and also need to reach their sporting event punctually.

The Bespoke account expressed its dismay, stating, “Each occurrence of this nature comes with an alarming price tag.”

Many other users also expressed their agreement that the price was excessively high.

One user politely declined, stating, “No, thanks.”

According to information from Mc-Menu, the average price of Egg McMuffins across the country is $4.12. In Connecticut, the average price of this breakfast sandwich is slightly higher at $4.29. The prices at McDonald’s can vary depending on the location.

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