DA: Man who was shot at New York diner involved in a love triangle, says shooting was deliberate and callous

aiexpress – The District Attorney’s office said Tuesday that the man from New York who was shot in the back of the head in a diner used to date the suspect’s ex-girlfriend.

Heiton Camacho-Bonilla, 37, is accused of shooting Harrison Ferreiras, 37, at the Seafood King Fish Market in Washington Heights on December 6. According to WABC, the suspect reportedly took Ferreiras’ phone before demanding the restaurant employee to hand over her phone and the cash from the register.

Officials are now claiming that Camacho-Bonilla intentionally planned the robbery in order to make it appear as a random attack on Ferreiras. However, the truth is that Camacho-Bonilla was actually driven by jealousy towards the victim’s relationship with his ex-partner.

According to officials, Ferreiras had a short-lived romantic relationship with the mother of Camacho-Bonilla’s child, which occurred eight months after Camacho-Bonilla’s own relationship with the woman had ended.

According to the New York Post, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Alexander Patton told a judge that the act committed was premeditated, deliberate, and callous. He also mentioned that it was fortunate that the victim survived, although they suffered significant injuries and pain.


According to authorities, Camacho-Bonilla allegedly targeted the victim out of jealousy and made an attempt on their life. In an effort to mislead investigators, he staged the incident to appear as a robbery.

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Camacho-Bonilla faced charges of attempted murder, robbery, and assault.

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