Death Toll Rises To 5 In Shelby County Following Winter Storm

Aiexpress – Winter weather has claimed the lives of at least 17 individuals in Tennessee, with five of the fatalities occurring in Shelby County. The severe conditions have proven to be deadly across the state since Sunday.

Memphis has recorded the highest number of deaths during the recent winter storm, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.

Health officials confirm that the risks associated with this issue are indeed genuine.

Carla Kirkland, an emergency room employee at St. Francis Hospital, shared her observations on the increasing number of patients falling and sustaining injuries in the emergency department. She recounted a recent incident where a patient came in with a severely fractured ankle. According to her, incidents involving falls and head injuries have become quite common.

Shelby County officials and Memphis Police are withholding specific information about the five deaths, but according to the Shelby County Health Department, they are currently under investigation as suspected deaths related to the weather.


A tragic incident occurred in Hickman County, where a man lost his life while attempting to remove snow from his roof.

According to Rudy Kink, a representative from Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, it is crucial to avoid climbing on your roof or attempting to remove icicles due to the potential dangers involved. The risk of slipping and experiencing a severe fall is significant. Moreover, icicles themselves pose a threat, as they can detach from the roof and fall, potentially causing harm or even proving fatal. In essence, they resemble sharp daggers descending from above.

Snow storms often lead to a high number of accidents as individuals navigate the streets.

Kink emphasizes the dangers of traveling on snow-covered roads, highlighting the risk of accidents and being stranded in such weather conditions without appropriate clothing. He advises everyone to exercise caution, use common sense, and make sure to bundle up to stay warm and safe.

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