Discount Grocery Store in Illinois to Shut Down in Two Weeks

Reports suggest that another discount grocery store is set to close one of its Illinois locations, and this closure could take place in less than two weeks.

2024 has just begun, but it already feels like we’re back in 2023 with the recent news of more store closures in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Illinois Neighborhoods Are Losing Their Grocery Stores

Certain communities in Illinois are experiencing a rise in food deserts as grocery store closures continue to be announced.

By the end of the year, the parent company of Piggly Wiggly will be acquiring over 400 Albertsons and Kroger stores, including 14 in Illinois, resulting in their closure.

Another Grocery Store Closing in Illinois Within 2 Weeks

Neighbors in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood expressed their discontent when a Save-A-Lot store was closed and replaced by a Whole Foods market, as reported by Supermarket News. The decision to replace the store was made by the parent company, Yellow Banana.


Yellow Banana’s company website proudly claims ownership and operation of 38 retail grocery stores across several midwestern cities, including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cleveland. In addition to these locations, they have expanded their presence to include stores in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

Another Yellow Banana store has made an announcement that it will be closing its doors in an Illinois neighborhood before the end of this month (February).

Save-A-Lot Will Close Store in Illinois Village Within The Next 14 Days

According to a report by Fox32 on January 31, 2024, the Save A Lot grocery store in the Village of Richton Park will be closing in approximately two weeks.

Save A Lot has been operating at its current location on 3736 Sauk Trail in Richton Park for a remarkable 17 years, as reported.

According to a Fox32 story, the Village of Richton has stated that although no immediate replacement has been announced for the location, there is an opportunity for a new, specialty grocery store to move in when Save A Lot closes.

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