Donald Trump Emerges Victorious In Idaho Republican Caucuses: AP

Aiexpress – Former President Donald Trump won the Missouri Republican caucuses on Saturday, securing another victory in one of the final elections before Super Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

If a candidate obtains more than 50% of the vote at a caucus site, they are awarded all of the site’s delegates to the national convention. If no candidate wins a majority vote, the delegates are distributed proportionally. Any group of candidate supporters that receives fewer than 15% of the caucus votes must disband, and their votes may be cast for another candidate.

Caucus locations must report their findings to the state party by 5 p.m. local time, although it is unclear how long the party will take to count the votes.

Only voters who signed an oath of allegiance to the Missouri Republican Party were permitted to participate in the caucuses. A 2022 law eliminated the state’s regular primary in favor of caucuses.

On Tuesday, 15 states will hold primary elections, the most on a single day in the run-up to the Republican nominating convention in Milwaukee this summer.


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