Mayorkas Accuses Texas Governor Greg Abbott Of Attempting To Cause Chaos In U.s. States

Aiexpress  –  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas responded strongly to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s criticism of President Joe Biden, calling the governor’s suggestion that Biden could potentially close the border “completely inaccurate.” Mayorkas accused Abbott of attempting to cause chaos in other states.

During his appearance on “State of the Union” last week, Abbott proposed that Congress had already granted Biden the authority to close the border. He argued that instead of seeking new immigration laws, Biden should demonstrate strength in enforcing the existing ones. Mayorkas, during his appearance on the same program, countered Abbott’s suggestion by pointing out that Donald Trump, Abbott’s preferred presidential candidate, had attempted this approach before and it had proven unsuccessful.

Former President Trump’s attempt to close the border was met with legal obstacles, preventing it from being implemented, as stated by Mayorkas. Trump utilized various approaches, such as travel bans, modifications to asylum laws, and the implementation of Title 42 during the COVID-19 pandemic, but these efforts were not successful. It was only during Biden’s first term that the use of Title 42 was discontinued.

Alejandro Mayorkas did not mince words when it came to criticizing Governor Greg Abbott. He accused Abbott of defying federal officials who were willing to collaborate with him and condemned him for transporting migrants to different cities across the United States. Mayorkas’s remarks highlight the tension between state and federal authorities in dealing with the ongoing immigration crisis.

Mayorkas criticized the individual for intentionally avoiding coordination, communication, and collaboration with other officials. He pointed out that this behavior is causing chaos in other cities and states across the country. According to Mayorkas, this approach to governance is flawed, and the individual couldn’t be more mistaken.


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