Donald Trump’s Huge Debts Make Him Even Greater Dangerous

According to “The New Abnormal” co-hosts Andy Levy and Danielle Moodie, Donald Trump is heading into the general election cycle with a staggering debt of over $500 million. This substantial amount of debt is seen as a significant concern, making him an even more formidable and potentially dangerous force.

To provide evidence, one only needs to examine his recent change in stance regarding the potential ban of TikTok in the United States.

It has been acknowledged by people close to Trump that a meeting with Jeff Yass, a prominent hedge fund manager with a $33 billion stake in TikTok, played a pivotal role in shaping Trump’s changing perspective on the popular social media platform.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Jeff Yass managed to influence Trump. The source stated, “I don’t know the exact goals they hope to achieve with this, but I believe this situation will eventually resolve. I understand why Trump took this action, as Yass has pledged to contribute a significant amount of money to the presidential race, and you have to consider such opportunities.”

According to Moodie, this is just another instance that highlights the potential for a second Trump administration to be plagued by corruption.


According to Moodie, Trump will always shift his focus towards where the money and power lie. This makes him even more dangerous now.

NewsNation contributor Kurt Bardella joins the program to discuss the state of the 2024 presidential election and the failure of American journalism to adapt to changing norms. Bardella highlights how some Republicans are consistently generating headlines with falsehoods, suggesting a coordinated effort to mislead the public.

“They are willing to trade mass saturation coverage of stories, such as the one about Biden not remembering when his son died, and create a narrative that lasts for days and weeks. They are willing to accept the consequence of getting it wrong for just one day,” explained Bardella.

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