Jimmy Kimmel Turns the Tables on Aaron Rodgers with a Conspiracy Theory Prank

Jimmy Kimmel had a blast on Wednesday as he reacted to the news of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. contemplating New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers as a potential running mate.

Although Rodgers has adamantly denied the story, Kimmel seems skeptical about his denial. This is particularly due to the quarterback’s previous stance on vaccines and his alleged tendency to believe in conspiracy theories.

According to a report by Pamela Brown of CNN, Rodgers personally confronted her following the school shooting at Sandy Hook. He expressed his belief that the mainstream media was covering up a false flag operation, a disturbing notion that was also heard by another individual who spoke to CNN anonymously.

After pausing to reminisce about the nostalgia-inducing era, where the enthusiasts of conspiracy theories had simple desires like romancing Bigfoot, Kimmel opted to turn the tables on Rodgers.

Jimmy Kimmel recently took notice of a post by Aaron Rodgers on X, previously known as Twitter, where Rodgers expressed his belief that the Sandy Hook tragedy was indeed real. However, Kimmel couldn’t help but point out that Rodgers never explicitly denied making the statement to someone. This observation compelled Kimmel to speak up.


Although he reluctantly acknowledges that he is not one to believe in conspiracy theories, Kimmel proceeds to reveal a lesser-known piece of information that the deep state refuses to disclose: “Aaron Rodgers never actually participated in football,” Kimmel jests. He emphasizes, “He isn’t a football player. His entire career was a charade.”

During his segment, Kimmel delved further into his conspiracy theory regarding Rodgers, all of which was blatantly false. However, he claimed that his theory was “more convincing than Aaron Rodgers’ account of the events at Sandy Hook.”

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