Dr. Phil Tells Watters That People Must ‘Stand Up For This Country’ On Border

Aiexpress – Phil McGraw, or Dr. Phil, analyzed the border problem with Fox News’ Jesse Watters on Monday, stating that Americans must “stand up for this country” to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants.

For decades, McGraw’s TV talk program offered folksy wisdom. He has sparked criticism by reportedly using guests with mental illnesses and promoting questionable anti-lockdown beliefs during the pandemic. (He was there on Monday as well.).

So an interview with Watters, whose problematic remarks regarding immigration have made headlines, appears to set the stage for some fireworks.

However, McGraw railed about the border problem in a more subdued tone.

“I think people are afraid to take a position on this because if they take a position and say we should control the border, then they are labeled as anti-immigration, they’re labeled as haters for these different countries that people are coming from, but that’s missing the point, isn’t it?” McGraw said. “Because we are not talking about immigration. We are talking about illegal immigration. I’m very pro-immigration.”


“So am I,” replied Watters, who recently called young migrants “banditos” and once suggested that those who want to immigrate should help build the border wall to qualify.

“We need immigrants in this country,” McGraw continued. “We got a 1.6 birth rate. We need 2.1 to sustain our infrastructure here. I welcome immigrants into this country, but we need to know who they are, don’t we? We need to know who it is that’s coming into our country. We need to be able to sort through these people, and those that are enemies of the United States that are coming into the country, those that are on the terror watch list coming into the country ― those people certainly need to be filtered and stopped, and when you come into the United States illegally, that’s a felony.”

According to McGraw, people’s willingness to speak out on difficult matters has decreased significantly since the 1950s due to social media and the risk of being targeted.

“I love this country, and we need to all stand up for this country and stop apologizing for this country,” McGraw added. “Stop apologizing for having rules and guidelines, stop apologizing for having a border that’s not a turnstile. ”

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