European Commission approves $544M funding for artillery production to support Ukraine

The European Commission took a significant step to support Ukraine in its battle against Russian invasion by allocating $544 million for an initiative aimed at boosting artillery production.

The initiative aimed at boosting artillery production has been named Act in Support of Ammunition Production.

The European Commission announced on Friday that, with the assistance of ASAP, Europe is projected to achieve an annual ammunition shell production capacity of 2 million by the end of 2025.

In response to the depletion of Ukrainian ammunition supplies, the production of shells has been increased. This comes as U.S. congressional Republicans persistently obstruct any potential efforts to provide military aid.

The commission has stated that the ASAP program will encompass five distinct areas: explosives, powder shells, missiles, testing, and reconditioning certification.


Approximately $270 million will be allocated for powder production, while another $135 million will be directed towards explosive manufacturing.

According to the commission, multiple European nations will be involved in the production, which is expected to generate a supply chain investment of $1.5 billion.

According to the Commission, the production capacity for 155 mm shells in Europe had already reached 1 million per year in January 2024, thanks to the measures that have been implemented.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced a plan to allocate $300 million in military aid to Ukraine. The majority of this aid will be sourced from the existing stockpiles of the United States.

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