Exclusion Of Macarthur’s ‘duty, Honor, Country’ From West Point’s New Mission Statement

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point has recently revised its mission statement, sparking controversy among those who disagree with the removal of retired Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s renowned phrase, “duty, honor, country.”

Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland, the superintendent of West Point, emphasized the significance of the phrase in the academy’s culture. He stated that even though there has been a change in the mission statement, the motto will always remain foundational.

In his heartfelt message, he expressed that these three sacred words hold immense significance for both the institution and the graduates of West Point. They serve as a powerful representation of the cadet experience and have successfully fostered a deep sense of unity and connection among the members of the Long Gray Line throughout the institution’s illustrious history.

According to Gilland, the academy has been actively engaging in regular self-assessment. Over the past year and a half, the academy has collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to update its mission statement.

The Corps of Cadets’ new mission statement aims to build, educate, train, and inspire future commissioned leaders of character. By instilling the Army Values and preparing them for a lifetime of service to the Army and the Nation, the Corps of Cadets is committed to cultivating individuals who embody these principles.


Gilland emphasized that the revised mission statement places emphasis on using new language to clearly demonstrate the unwavering dedication to the values of the Army.

Online, many individuals have expressed their concerns about the choice to exclude the phrase “duty, honor, country” from the updated statement.

Jeff Kuhner, the host of the popular podcast “The Kuhner Report,” recently expressed his concerns about West Point, claiming that the institution is becoming “woke.” In his passionate online post, he lamented the perceived decline of our nation, stating that even the legendary Gen. MacArthur would be disheartened by the current state of affairs.

According to Gilland, the academy did not include the phrase in its mission statement until 1998. He also mentioned that the organization’s mission has undergone nine changes over the past century.

According to Gilland’s statement, our unwavering commitment lies in nurturing leaders who possess strong character and are prepared to lead our Army’s Soldiers in the face of ever-growing threats on the battlefield.

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