Mark Coleman, ex-UFC fighter, in critical condition after saving parents from house fire

It was reported that former UFC star Mark Coleman is currently in a life-threatening situation. This comes after he heroically saved his parents from a fire at their Ohio residence.

“As many know, our dad was involved in a house fire early this morning along with his parents and beloved dog, Hammer,” Coleman’s daughter Morgan Coleman wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

“He managed to get both of his parents out of the house but despite his best efforts was not able to save Hammer,” Morgan Coleman said.

“He was life-flighted to the hospital where he is currently battling for his life after this heroic act,” she continued.

According to The Athletic, fellow UFC fighter Dan Severn expressed his lack of surprise at Coleman’s actions to save his parents.


“Let’s come together and send our prayers and best wishes to my friend Mark Coleman,” Severn shared on X Tuesday. “In a display of immense bravery, he rescued his parents from a devastating fire in their home. Currently, Mark is in critical condition at the hospital.”

According to CNN, Coleman’s other daughter, Kenzie, shared on Instagram that her father’s dog, Hammer, had played a crucial role in saving his life by alerting him during the fire.

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