Executive budget includes proposal for security cameras at NYS parks

Governor Hochul’s Executive Budget includes provisions for the installation of security cameras at state parks, a measure that Senator Jim Tedisco and Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara have long advocated for.

In October, Moreau State Park experienced a horrifying incident where a child was abducted. In response to this incident, bipartisan legislation has been introduced.

Tedisco emphasized the importance of ensuring safety in public spaces, particularly parks where people engage in recreational activities. He stated that if there’s a need to combat violent crime in any part of New York State, it should be in these areas where individuals should feel secure.

Tedisco acknowledged concerns about privacy, but clarified that the proposed measures would only involve monitoring park entrances and exits, without interfering with activities like picnicking, swimming, and other recreational pursuits. Both lawmakers believe that the presence of cameras would have facilitated a quicker location of the child by law enforcement.

According to Santabarbara, the main goal is to ensure that law enforcement has all the necessary tools and information to promptly respond to and solve crimes. Lawmakers are confident that the cameras could become a reality this year.


The governor is also proposing to allocate funds for the development of swimming sites and pools in New York, including those located within state parks. The deadline for the final state budget is April 1st.


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