New court filing reveals Wayne LaPierre’s declining mental health and inability to testify all day in his NRA corruption trial

    • The NRA civil corruption trial just wrapped its second week of testimony in New York.
    • Longtime leader Wayne LaPierre is due to testify as early as next week.
    • This week, his lawyer said LaPierre is too ill to commit to full days of testimony.

Wayne LaPierre, the long-standing leader of the NRA, is currently facing a corruption trial in New York. However, his lawyer has recently stated in a court document that LaPierre is too unwell to provide full-day testimony.

According to his defense, LaPierre will be stepping down from his position as the head of the NRA at the end of January due to chronic Lyme disease. In the recent filing, his lawyer has requested the trial judge to provide a “reasonable accommodation” that would allow the nonprofit organization’s leader to have flexibility when it comes to testifying.

LaPierre is anticipated to be summoned to testify by the New York state attorney’s office in the coming week. However, there are concerns that he may experience fatigue and may require his time on the witness stand to be divided into shorter days, as stated by his lawyer.

According to a letter included in the filing, written by his doctor Sam Pappas, one doctor stated this month that the patient is experiencing symptoms such as “cognitive decline” as a result of “significant cerebral volume loss.”

NRA’s LaPierre has been present for about 50% of the trial proceedings. Interestingly, a column attributed to him was recently published on the NRA website. In this article, he highlights the “enormous peril” that he believes America is currently facing. LaPierre asserts that this danger does not stem from misguided attempts at gun control, but from other factors that he deems significant.


In a letter included in the new court filing, Dr. Pappas, Mr. LaPierre’s internal-medicine physician of six years, expressed concern over the gradual decline in Mr. LaPierre’s health in recent years. The letter, addressed to NRA President Charles Cotton on January 3, highlights the deteriorating state of Mr. LaPierre’s well-being.

According to Pappas, in August 2022, he experienced increasingly severe headaches, leading to the administration of a CT Head scan. The results revealed notable cerebral volume loss and chronic small vessel ischemic changes.

According to the doctor, LaPierre experiences “significant headaches and joint pain” and has a family history of dementia. Additionally, the doctor noted that LaPierre has been experiencing overall cognitive changes and deterioration.

The doctor explained that his health has been complicated by “work stressors.”

According to a second doctor, Rachel Markey, LaPierre is facing a multitude of physical and mental conditions that greatly affect his well-being. These include cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, cognitive impairments leading to painful and blurry eyes, sleep disorders, muscle pain, dysautonomia, nerve damage, dermatitis, and headaches. Dr. Markey’s letter to Cotton, included in the recent filing, highlights these challenges faced by LaPierre.

According to LaPierre’s lawyer, Kent Correll, LaPierre has been receiving intensive treatment with multiple medications since early January. In a filing to the trial judge, Correll requested a flexible testimony schedule.

Correll explained in his letter to New York Supreme Court Justice Joel Cohen that the symptoms of his condition vary, leading to fluctuations in his energy levels and ability to concentrate. Some days, he experiences extreme fatigue, lack of focus, and pain, particularly in his eyes.

Correll wrote a letter requesting that they take into account the duration of time he is expected to sit each day. He also mentioned the possibility of substituting other witnesses if needed, especially if his symptoms worsen.

Both doctors advised LaPierre to cease working, as stated in their letters.

According to a statement he released, he announced his medical retirement and will continue to lead the NRA for another two weeks.

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