Family in Missouri raises funds to repatriate daughter following her tragic death

A Missouri family is currently raising funds with the aim of bringing their daughter, who was reportedly killed by her husband this week in California, back home.

Melissa Long, a 44-year-old woman who spent most of her life in mid-Missouri, tragically lost her life on Monday in central California.

Robbie Long, 56, from Alpaugh, California, is facing multiple charges in relation to the death of his wife. The charges include murder, possession of a firearm with an outstanding warrant, and making criminal threats.

The Long family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the funeral expenses and to cover the costs of attending Robbie Long’s court proceedings. Betty Martin, Melissa Long’s mother, expressed her determination to be present during the trial. As reported by ABC30 in Fresno, California.

“I will be present at his trial because he had no right to take my daughter’s life. I am traveling all the way from Missouri and I plan to attend every single day,” Martin expressed to ABC 30.


According to Angela Gardner, Melissa Long’s cousin, she resides in Macon. She mentioned that the most recent encounter she had with Melissa was back in July.

During the past few months, Gardner mentioned that the Long family has incurred additional expenses besides the unfortunate loss of Long’s life.

“We don’t have extra cash lying around. In the past 200 days, we’ve had the burden of burying two family members. Dealing with the financial challenges of these funerals alone is already overwhelming, and adding a third one on top of it is just too much to handle,” Gardner expressed.

Robbie Long has a history of domestic violence, as reported by ABC30. The Tulare County Sheriff’s deputies have responded to multiple incidents at the couple’s home, with at least 10 calls made in the past. One notable incident occurred in July 2022 when Long supposedly chased his wife with a knife.

Gardner had a message for anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation as her cousin.

“Remember, if you find yourself in that situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you trust. Take their advice seriously. It’s often easier for others to see the bigger picture when they’re not directly involved. Although it may be challenging, escaping from such a situation can truly be a life-saving decision,” emphasized Gardner.

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