Family of man killed on Amtrak train in suburban Kansas City awarded $158 million by jury

A Kansas City-bound Amtrak train was the unfortunate scene of a tragic incident two years ago, resulting in the death of a passenger. The victim’s family has been awarded a substantial $158 million verdict by a federal jury.

After an extensive eight-day trial at the federal courthouse in downtown Kansas City, the jury unanimously ruled in favor of the family of the 30-year-old man who tragically lost his life. The verdict included a staggering $8.8 million for compensatory damages and an additional $150 million in punitive damages.

The victim’s family’s attorneys have chosen not to provide a comment at this time and have requested that the victim’s name be withheld due to safety concerns.

Marquise L. Webb, a resident of Kansas City, was identified as the suspect in the shooting incident. Witnesses reported hearing at least three gunshots before Webb exited the train at the Lee’s Summit station. Following the incident, Webb proceeded to carjack a vehicle and left the scene as the Amtrak train continued its journey to Kansas City.

Webb’s arrest took place in Kansas City about two weeks following the shooting incident. The police, after conducting a search operation, successfully apprehended Webb, leading to a standoff.


Webb, who is now 23, was initially charged by prosecutors with second-degree murder but later pleaded guilty in September to the lesser offense of voluntary manslaughter. Along with armed criminal action and vehicle hijacking, he received a prison sentence of 28 years.

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