Father of Detroit woman killed in family dispute speaks out

DETROIT (aiexpress) – According to the victim’s father, a 22-year-old woman from Detroit was killed as a result of a feud between family members.

According to Claude, he is of the belief that a family member is responsible for her death.

Jackquline and her sister reportedly received a call from a family member, summoning them to a residence on the 8100 block of Indiana Ave. The purpose of their visit was to address a longstanding dispute.

Claude explained that the dispute on Facebook had been ongoing with constant arguments going back and forth.

The argument escalated rapidly. Detroit police have reported that two individuals were apprehended following the incident, with one of them being a woman who was subsequently arrested.


Additionally, law enforcement officials were able to recover at least one firearm after a warrant package was submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office the day after the shooting occurred.

“It’s absolutely devastating,” Claude expressed, deeply affected by the impact it has had on everyone involved. The effects of this event will resonate with us for the rest of our lives, leaving a lasting impact that will endure for eternity and beyond.”

Jackquline Joseph is pictured with her father, Claude Joseph. (Provided by Claude Joseph)

“The father added that we have lost faith in the justice system so far.”

Claude urges anyone who has information to come forward.

He asked, “If it were your child, what would you do in this situation? We are collecting all evidence and information to seek justice for my baby Jackie.”

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