Florida Congressman Gaetz Claims Amazon Scandal Demonstrates Democrats’ Desire to Suppress Dissent and Manipulate the Truth

According to Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, the recent scandal surrounding Amazon’s decision to comply with the Biden administration’s request to censor certain books on COVID-19 reveals the left’s true intention of seeking to “control” the truth.

In a recent podcast hosted by evangelical leader Tony Perkins, the Fort Walton Beach Republican discussed the issue of Amazon’s alleged violation of the First Amendment. Perkins specifically questioned the company’s willingness to suppress books that President Joe Biden opposed, particularly those addressing COVID-19 vaccines.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jim Jordan, recently made public a collection of internal emails from Amazon. These emails shed light on how the e-commerce giant acquiesced to the White House regarding COVID-related books in March 2021.

Florida Representative Cory Mills is making a bold move to challenge Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis and potentially strip away taxpayer funding.

Amazon officials acknowledged that they were under pressure from the White House and, within a week, addressed the concerns expressed by Biden officials. The concerns were related to what they perceived as “propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation” in certain books that questioned the efficacy of COVID vaccines. As a result, Amazon agreed to implement measures to label such books appropriately.


In a significant 2019 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court established that although the First Amendment primarily pertains to the government, a business can be considered an agent of the government when it is compelled to undertake a specific action.

According to Gaetz, there is a fundamental difference between the right and the left when it comes to embracing knowledge, exploring different viewpoints, and comparing them to one another. He believes that the right values these opportunities, while the left seeks to control the very nature of truth itself.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried has refused to answer a question regarding whether transgender women can get pregnant.

In addition, Gaetz mentioned that the White House is cracking down on individuals who dissent against Biden’s COVID policies and narrative.

Gaetz accused senior White House officials of using the power of the government to manipulate and pressure companies like Amazon to promote a political agenda rather than allowing for the dissemination of scientific data or analysis on vaccine injuries or herd immunity.

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