Florida School Requires Parental Consent for Black History Month Activities

A Florida school requires parents to sign permission slips if they want their children to take part in various educational activities during Black History Month.

Parents at IPrep Academy are required to give their consent for their children to participate in class and school-wide presentations that celebrate the accomplishments and acknowledge the diverse traditions, histories, and countless contributions of the Black communities, as reported by Local 10.

Jill Peeling, a concerned parent, expressed her shock and disbelief upon reading the document. She admitted feeling somewhat confused at first, thinking that she had misunderstood its contents. However, her concern as a citizen was evident as she voiced her worries about the matter.

Miami-Dade School Board Member, Steve Gallon, has come forward to defend the permission slip. According to him, this requirement is a result of a new state board rule that mandates parental consent for individuals visiting the school premises.

Gallon explained that the policy is an extension of a new state board rule.


In November, the policy was implemented as an extension of the Parental Bill Of Rights.

“We must abide by the law,” Gallon emphasized. “We are obligated to enforce the regulations set forth by the State Board of Education. However, it is important that we do not disregard essential principles in the process. We need to strike a balance between fulfilling our responsibilities and upholding academic freedom.”

According to Professor Marvin Dunn from Florida International University, allowing children the choice to learn about Black history will have significant and lasting impacts on future generations.

Dunn emphasized the importance of parental involvement in the decision-making process, pointing out that when parents are included in the process, it can lead to unequal learning opportunities for students.

Dunn highlighted the interference of the DeSantis administration in the classroom.

According to the speaker, the purpose behind DeSantis’ assault on education is to instill fear in schools and teachers, limiting their freedom to teach. It is not solely about prohibiting specific books, but rather about suppressing certain ideas.

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