Forecasters predict that an active storm system will arrive in California mid-week, bringing more rain and snow

The National Weather Service has issued a weather update for Northern California, predicting cold morning temperatures and dry conditions for today and tomorrow. As we enter a drier period, residents can anticipate near or below freezing temperatures in the Valley. There is a 40-85% chance of lows below freezing today, and a 40-90% chance tomorrow. Additionally, there is expected to be patchy fog across the Southern Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valley this morning, so it is advised to exercise caution during morning travel commutes.

Today, the Valley is expected to experience an increase in northerly winds, which will continue until Monday. These winds will have gusts ranging from 15 to 25 MPH, with the strongest ones predicted for early this afternoon.

The weather pattern is set to change midweek with the arrival of a significant system in the area. A shortwave is moving down from the northwest and is expected to create a broad long wave trough over the northwestern and central regions of the country, including California. This system will result in several days of active weather, mainly affecting the mountains and the Northern Sacramento Valley.

The weather forecast predicts that snowfall will start on Tuesday morning and continue until Wednesday night. The mountains are expected to receive accumulations of around 0.50-1.50″, while the foothills through Redding may expect 0.10-0.50″ of snow. Initially, the snow levels will be at 4000 to 5000 feet on Tuesday, but they will gradually lower to 2000-3000 feet by Wednesday.

Tuesday’s snowfall forecast predicts a range of 2 to 5 inches, with the possibility of up to 8 inches in the Lassen National Park area. As we move into Wednesday, heavier accumulations are expected, ranging from 6 to 12 inches, and even up to 18 inches along higher peaks. The I-80 and Hwy. 50 corridor could see the highest amounts, with a 50-70% chance of receiving more than 12 inches, and a 20-45% chance of seeing 18 inches or more.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, the snowfall will be accompanied by strong gusty winds, reaching speeds of 25-45 MPH over the mountains. Tuesday is anticipated to be the windier of the two days.

The Shasta Lake Area and Northern Shasta County can expect snowfall, with a forecast of 6 to 12 inches and up to 2 feet in the highest elevations. The heaviest snowfall is expected on Wednesday.

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