Forecasts: Severe Storms With Large Hail And Strong Winds In Chicago Area On Monday

Aiexpress – Forecasts are indicating that Illinois is once again facing the threat of severe weather as the new work week begins. Spring-like temperatures are expected to contribute to these hazardous conditions.

According to the recent guidance released by the Storm Prediction Center, severe weather is expected in the entire state of Illinois, with a “marginal” risk level. This risk level is the second out of the five recognized by the SPC.

Residents in Indiana can expect a reduced risk of severe weather as thunderstorms are forecasted to weaken before reaching the state’s border with Illinois.

According to the guidance from the SPC, the primary risks linked to the development of severe weather include the presence of large hail and strong gusty winds.

Last week’s severe weather resulted in the occurrence of almost a dozen tornadoes in Illinois. However, it is now expected that the current weather system will not give rise to the supercell thunderstorms in Illinois that are typically associated with the formation of funnel clouds. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) suggests that there is a slight chance of supercell storms forming ahead of the approaching front, which could potentially pose a tornado threat near the Illinois-Wisconsin border.


After the front moves across the region, temperatures will decrease to levels that align with their typical averages. This will result in temperatures settling in the mid-40s for the majority of the week, as reported by the NBC 5 Storm Team.

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