A 75-year-old Substitute Teacher In Indiana Claims That A Student Attacked Him

Aiexpress – A 75-year-old substitute teacher is preparing to file charges after alleging he was assaulted by a student.

Rob Gooding came out of retirement to work as a substitute teacher at an Indiana high school.

Gooding claims that a student who was 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 280 pounds attacked him.

“I yelled, ‘Get help, please,’ and the students looked like deer in the headlights. “They were just as shocked as I was,” Gooding tells Inside Edition.

Gooding said the attack was “extremely” painful. He claims he doesn’t know why the student hit him.


“He was a special-ed person they were trying to mainstream back into the classroom,” he said.

Gooding is one of the 1.5 million American seniors who have “unretired.”

He returned to the workforce at the age of 66 because he was bored.

Gooding’s ordeal recalls a historic Florida assault in which a 6-foot-6, 270-pound special-needs kid attacked a teacher’s aide after she took away his electronic game gadget. That teacher, Joan Naydich, spoke with NewsNation’s Ashley Banfield.

“Each day presents a challenge. “I had broken ribs,” Naydich stated.

Gooding claims the student who allegedly attacked him has not been charged.

According to the local prosecutor’s office, “This matter is still under investigation.”

“I’ve been assaulted. “I believe he should have been arrested that day,” Gooding says.

According to the school administration, a police report has been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office, which will decide whether or not the student will face criminal charges.

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