Fulton County DA Fani Willis removed from 2020 election case due to perceived political bias

The district attorney in Georgia who is pursuing charges against Donald Trump has a history of being disqualified from election cases due to political bias.

According to an article in the Daily Caller, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis was prohibited by a judge in the fall of 2022 from pursuing a case against Lt. Gov. Burt Jones regarding his role in contesting the 2020 Georgia presidential election.

Judge Robert McBurney criticized Ms. Willis for hosting a fundraiser for Charlie Bailey, Mr. Jones’ Democratic opponent in the 2022 lieutenant governor’s race.

During the campaign when Mr. Jones served as a state senator, Judge McBurney ruled that any decision made by the district attorney regarding Senator Jones in relation to the grand jury investigation would be influenced by it.

Ms. Willis is currently under scrutiny for her decision to hire a man with whom she was allegedly involved in an affair to handle the Trump case, resulting in the allocation of public funds towards him. It has been reported that a portion of these funds were used for her personal benefit.


According to the judge, although Ms. Willis’ contributions towards the Bailey campaign alone would not be enough to warrant her removal from the case, it was important to acknowledge the significant amount of campaign-related work that the district attorney had performed for candidate Bailey.

Judge McBurney emphasized that the district attorney’s decision to endorse Senator Jones’s opponent carries consequences. He acknowledged that as an elected official, she had the authority to make such a choice. However, he pointed out that her endorsement lent credibility and legitimacy to Senator Jones’s political rival.

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