5-day Forecast Predicts Major Weather Pattern Shift Following Fast-moving Winter Storm

Aiexpress – Overnight arrival of the system is resulting in predominantly rainy conditions across most of the region. However, areas farther inland are experiencing a mix of rain and sleet due to temperatures hovering around freezing. In addition, parts of upstate New York and northern New England are seeing snowfall on the morning of January 24.

The National Weather Service issued an early morning Hazardous Weather Outlook statement, cautioning that even a small amount of freezing rain can create dangerous conditions.

As the high temperature reaches the low 40s, any mixed precipitation will transition to rain. This marks the arrival of a dramatic shift in temperatures after a long period of sub-freezing days amidst a mass of Arctic air. Throughout the day, the temperature will continue to rise into the mid-40s, bringing relief from the cold weather.

Expect another round of rainfall to arrive in the late afternoon on Wednesday. The rain will persist intermittently throughout the night, with a potential for approximately half an inch of additional precipitation.

On Thursday, January 25th, expect continuous rainfall throughout the day. The temperature will rise to nearly 50 degrees, accompanied by an additional half-inch of rain.


Friday morning, January 26, may bring some rain, but the majority of the day will remain dry. Despite cloudy skies, the high temperature in the mid-50s will create a feeling of fall rather than the middle of winter.

On Saturday, January 27, expect lingering clouds throughout the day with a high temperature reaching the mid-40s. However, overnight into Sunday, January 28, anticipate the arrival of another round of unsettled weather.

Sunday is expected to be a chilly and damp day, with cooler temperatures and a high of around 40 degrees. As the day progresses, there is a likelihood of rain. As the night sets in, temperatures will drop below freezing, and there is a possibility of snow. However, it is still too early to determine the potential amount of snowfall.

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