Garland Teel Ford, 76, goes missing in Alabama following a conversation with his daughter in September 2012

The quiet town of Wilmer, Alabama, was rattled by the baffling disappearance of Garland Teel Ford, a 76-year-old resident. Ford, who expressed his intention to go back to his home state of Arkansas, was last seen on September 1, 2012. His sudden vanishing left the community with numerous unanswered questions.

In March 2012, Garland T. Ford embarked on a new chapter of his life as he made the move from Arkansas to Alabama. Upon settling in Wilmer with a married couple, Ford appeared to be adjusting well to his new surroundings. However, it was during a phone call with his daughter that his true feelings of homesickness and longing to return to Arkansas were unveiled – a desire that would unfortunately remain unfulfilled.

Confounding Circumstances

The couple Ford was staying with stated that he left on foot to go back to Arkansas. However, both his family and law enforcement were skeptical of this explanation, considering Ford’s age and health conditions. Despite conducting a thorough search of the couple’s property on Morgan Lane North, no clues were found, further deepening the mystery.

A Sinister Twist


In a chilling turn of events, it was uncovered that the couple had been utilizing Ford’s Social Security benefits throughout the Southern states following his vanishing. This revelation, combined with their subsequent conviction in an unrelated Arkansas kidnapping case, casts a dark cloud over Ford’s disappearance. However, no charges have been filed in relation to his specific case.

Unanswered Questions

Despite the hopes that the arrest of the couple would bring new insights into the whereabouts of Garland T. Ford, his fate remains a haunting mystery. The couple, along with their son, are currently serving lengthy prison sentences for kidnapping. However, the question of what happened to Ford still looms large.

A Community’s Ongoing Concern

Garland T. Ford, a white male with grey hair and hazel eyes, stands between 5’10” to 6’0″ tall and weighs approximately 185-200 pounds. Despite his distinctive features, such as a receding hairline and a pacemaker, he has yet to be found and remains a missing person.

A Plea for Answers

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is still actively searching for any leads or information pertaining to the disappearance of Ford. The unresolved mystery surrounding Garland T. Ford’s fate has created a sense of emptiness within the community and among those who were acquainted with him.

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