Gascon Campaign Struggling to Keep Momentum as Primary Election Nears, Strong Competition Emerges

The recent campaign filings reveal that Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is facing a significant challenge in his re-election bid, as his fundraising totals indicate a lack of confidence from L.A. County voters.

According to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office candidate disclosures, Gascon is currently in last place in terms of cash on hand among the candidates vying for the position of District Attorney.

Gascon, one of the 10 candidates, currently has $21,753 with three weeks remaining until election day.

In the latest independent poll conducted by the University of Southern California Dornsife/Price Center for Urban Politics and Policy, CSU Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, a staggering 64% of California voters remain undecided on their choice for District Attorney. The poll, which surveyed 1,416 members of the California voter electorate from January 21st-29th, revealed the significant level of uncertainty among voters.

Approximately 1.8 million out of the 6.2 million registered voters in LA County cast their votes in the 2020 primary election.


Gascon must garner the support of over 900,000 voters, more than half of the total electorate, in order to secure re-election.

With the immense criticism he has faced for his empathetic stance towards criminals rather than their victims, a sum of $21,753 will hardly have any significant impact on his reputation. In fact, it may further complicate his chances of being reelected.

On January 20th, as expected, the L.A. Times editorial board announced their endorsement of Gascon. Interestingly, this endorsement came on the same day that the latest campaign disclosures were released, revealing his fundraising challenges. This could be attributed to the three years of pro-criminal directives implemented by Gascon, which have significantly impacted public safety in Los Angeles county.

Gacon recently received an endorsement from LAT despite facing internal challenges, including a 25% reduction in their newsroom staff. This downsizing is believed to be a response to a decline in readership and criticism for their apparent political bias in reporting.

According to the polls, many voters who supported Gascón’s criminal reform platform in 2020 are now experiencing buyer’s remorse, despite the ongoing support he receives from his dedicated political base and the coverage he still receives in LAT.

In the latest poll, the closest consistent challenger stands at 8%. This challenger is none other than veteran prosecutor Jonathan Hatami, who has been openly challenging Gascon, his boss, ever since he assumed office.

Hatami’s dedication to supporting victims of violent crime and exposing Gascon’s shortcomings has garnered him a devoted group of supporters.

The county’s most prominent prosecutor currently has $379,000 in cash and a widespread billboard campaign aimed at millions of daily motorists, promoting his pro-public safety message.

The Hatami campaign boasts a remarkable number of endorsements, surpassing the combined total of all 11 challengers. These endorsements include support from 14 Police Officer Associations, 3 elected District Attorneys, and 12 city mayors.

According to the polls, although two other candidates have managed to raise significant funds due to their connections with wealthy donors, it seems that their name recognition and platforms are not striking a chord with the voters.

In the most recent independent poll, Nathan Hochman, despite having the highest amount of cash available, approximately $810,000, only received a 4% rating.

Chereminsky, who has $536,000 cash on hand, finished with a 2% share.

He said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing repeatedly and anticipate a different outcome.

George, your point is well taken and serves as a powerful reminder as we approach the moment of casting our votes.

In the weeks leading up to the November 2020 election, there was a significant influx of money from influential figures like billionaire George Soros and major special interest groups into Gascon’s Independent Expenditures. It’s crucial for voters in L.A. County to closely monitor this election and, most importantly, exercise their right to vote.

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