Girl Latest To Be Charged For Participating In Violent Ct Street Takeover

Aiexpress – A Connecticut teenage girl faces charges of inciting a riot after allegedly participating in a major street takeover that resulted in the assault and injury of a police officer.

On Thursday, February 15, a young girl was apprehended in New Haven County for an incident that took place in the Milford Stop & Shop parking lot on Saturday, December 9, 2023. Due to her age, the girl’s identity has not been disclosed.

Milford Police reported that the young girl actively participated in a sizable street takeover, which involved over 100 participants and a multitude of vehicles.

According to the police, a crowd attacked a Milford Police officer who arrived at the scene, resulting in the officer sustaining injuries.

After conducting a thorough investigation, the department has confirmed that the girl has been identified as one of the individuals present.


She faced charges for the following offenses:

    • Inciting a riot
    • Interfering with an officer
    • Unlawful assembly
    • Conspiracy/assault on a police officer

The police have confirmed that the girl is a resident of Connecticut.

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