Google’s WiFi 7 Offers Lightning-Fast Internet Speeds At costs $250 per month

aiexpress – How fast do you want your home internet to be? And more importantly, how much are you willing to pay each month to Google to transform your home into a high-speed data hub? Well, Google has an ambitious offering for you. They are offering a blazing-fast 20-Gig speeds on a WiFi 7-enabled, plus-sized router for a hefty price of $250 a month, along with additional fees.

Google Fiber has officially announced the launch of its highly anticipated 20-Gig subscription, albeit with a hefty price tag. In addition to their existing offerings of 1 Gig for $70 and 8 Gbps for $150, the 20 Gbps plan comes in at $250, making it a premium option for users. However, this lightning-fast service is currently available only to residents of Kansas City, North Carolina’s Triangle Region, and select areas in Arizona and Iowa. Google has assured that it is actively working towards expanding its coverage, although the company is known for being quite selective in choosing its operational areas. The installation of this new service is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2024.

In a recent blog post, Nick Saporito, the head of Google Fi, discussed the company’s new experimental service. According to Saporito, the service utilizes Nokia’s 25G PON technology, promising consistent multi-gig upload and download speeds within the home. Additionally, the service operates on WiFi 7, which Google has previously highlighted as being “not even fully certified yet.” WiFi 7, unlike its predecessors WiFi 6 and 6E, allows signals to be transmitted across multiple GHz bands simultaneously.

Google is also developing a custom router that is larger than the traditional ones. The tech giant collaborated with broadband company Actiontec to create a “pre-certified” WiFi 7 router. Google will provide trained technicians to install the high-speed Google Fiber in your home once you sign up for the service. However, Google’s Director of GTM Operations, Nathan Saporito, mentioned in a recent Reddit AMA that you can also use your own router hardware for the 20-Gig service, as long as it supports SFP28 cage with 25G optics. Google mentioned that there has been a significant amount of interest in the new service during its beta phase.

Watch the exciting demo of GFiber 20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7 in the video below. The video showcases the incredible speed and performance of this innovative technology. Experience the future of internet connectivity with GFiber 20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7.


Google is promoting the service to developers who may be creating apps or games from home that require fast internet connections throughout their residences. While some may wonder if they could host a massive LAN party over WiFi, Fiber envisions a future where the internet is even richer than today. With advancements in AR/VR, 3D, and AI content, there will be a need to stream directly into people’s homes without any compression.

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