Gov. Katie Hobbs Speaks Addresses Tucsonans About Abortion, Housing, And Border Security

Aiexpress – The Governor’s State Report, hosted by the Tuscon Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, featured Governor Katie Hobbs discussing critical issues affecting Arizonans. The event was attended by various elected officials, including Mayor Regina Romero and Representative Raul Grijalva. Governor Hobbs commenced her speech by addressing the topic of the border.

“We are addressing the issues at the border where the federal government has clearly failed,” she stated.

In her statement, she highlighted the importance of collective efforts in addressing the crisis at the border. Hobbs also made a commitment to enhancing border security by announcing the launch of Operation Secure, a border coordination office under the Department of Homeland Security. Furthermore, she emphasized the need for increased investments in this area.

“I have witnessed your tireless efforts to support this community firsthand, whether you belong to an NGO, law enforcement agency, or a small business,” she said. “Every day, you work diligently to fill the gaps left by the federal government’s shortcomings. During my early visits to Tucson, I had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable work you do.”

She then shifted her focus to the pressing issue of affordable housing, jobs, and the economy. According to her, the home buyers assistance program has proven to be instrumental in enabling a larger number of individuals to fulfill their dream of owning a home.


According to Hobbs, the housing crisis has taken away the sense of prosperity from many individuals. He believes that it should be within the means of a family to be able to purchase a house in Arizona at an affordable price.

Hobbs highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by the state to assist individuals dealing with evictions and other housing concerns.

“We have also set aside funds to offer legal assistance to an additional one million Arizonans who are experiencing eviction and struggling with housing insecurity,” she stated.

Arizona is leading the way in water conservation as it confronts a diminishing Colorado River and a persistent drought, according to Hobbs.

“We need to engage in transparent and sincere discussions about the future of our water resources,” she emphasized. “It is crucial that we take steps to ensure the sustainability of our water supply and remain at the forefront of water management.”

In addition, she emphasized that water and drought do not discriminate based on party affiliation.

“We can safeguard our water supply by collaborating,” stated Hobbs.

When discussing education in Arizona, she emphasized the state’s commitment to investing in public schools. She stressed the importance of ensuring that teachers receive a fair and livable wage.

“I understand the significance of a top-notch public education for families,” emphasized Hobbs.

Hobbs emphasized the significance of providing equal access to higher education for all residents of Arizona, specifically at the three in-state universities.

“We are still in the early stages of this journey, but we should take pride in the state universities that are actively working towards building a strong future,” she expressed.

She delved into the subject of abortion, firmly stating that it will not be outlawed under her leadership.

“These decisions, which are deeply personal, should be made in consultation between a woman and her doctor, rather than being influenced by politicians,” she stated firmly. “I am committed to safeguarding the freedoms of Arizonans and I will not yield to those who seek to penalize doctors or prohibit abortion. I am determined to prevent such measures from being implemented during my tenure.”

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