North Carolina Man Arrested For Murder After Teen’s Body Discovered In A Trunk

Aiexpress – A disturbing find: the body of a 19-year-old woman was found in the trunk of an abandoned car. A 29-year-old guy, Jordan Thomas, has been arrested for murder.

A tow truck company was called on Wednesday, January 17, to take away a car that had been left in the parking lot of a private business on U.S. Highway 264 East. This was the start of the case. When the tow company got to their location, an employee found the dead body in the trunk. It is thought that Amarriah Smith was the victim.

Authorities say Thomas left the car with Smith’s body in the trunk and then stole another truck. Later, the truck that had been stolen was found at Eastern Carolina University Health Beaufort Hospital. Thomas was also caught there. At first, Thomas was charged with stealing a car and hiding the death of someone, but on Monday, January 22, he was charged with murder.

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) in North Carolina said Smith was probably killed somewhere else before being put in the car. There was evidence at Thomas’ house, but it’s still not clear if the murder happened there or somewhere else. The exact way the person died has not been made public.

Thomas knew Smith, who was a student at Elizabeth City State University, before she died. The SBI is constantly looking into what happened before the crime.


This terrible incident has shocked the neighborhood and caused people to worry about security. More information and developments in the case are being waited for as the police try to figure out what happened that night that killed Amarriah Smith.

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