Governor DeSantis Declares Intent to Veto Legislation Using Florida Taxpayer Funds for Trump’s Legal Expenses

On January 22, as things got back to normal in Florida with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis back in office and focusing on his duties, it became evident that while he had endorsed former President Donald Trump, there were some boundaries to the support he was willing to provide.

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On January 22, reports surfaced about a bill proposed by several Republicans in Florida called ‘SB 1740 – Grants for Victims of Political Discrimination’. This bill aims to allocate a substantial amount of $5 million from Florida taxpayers towards the legal defense of the former president, who served only one term.

Jimmy Patronis, the Chief Financial Officer of Florida, expressed support for the move after announcing the bill. However, Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear that he does not agree with this perspective. In a concise yet straightforward Twitter post, he shared his opinion.


Governor DeSantis tweeted that he would veto the bill if it reached his desk for signing. He acknowledges the detrimental nature of using public funds to support legal cases involving the former president, solely based on his residency in Florida.

Trump mounted $40 million in legal fees: Sources | GMA

Florida Republicans are promoting proposals to provide support for residents of the state who face legal bills related to political persecution. The bill states that residents could receive up to $5 million based on certain criteria.

“…severity of criminal charges and the causal connection between the charges and the political affiliation.”

There is a question about whether the charges being pursued against Trump in multiple states are solely based on his political affiliation, even if such a bill were to be approved (ignoring the fact that Governor DeSantis has already stated he will veto it).

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He is being pursued by many on the basis of existing evidence, including recorded phone calls, explicit social media posts, and the discovery of confidential documents that were removed from the White House and found at his Florida home.

Donors supporting Trump too?

Governor Ron DeSantis’s apparent decision to not use Florida taxpayer dollars to cover the legal fees of the former president, who served only one term, is likely to receive strong support from most residents of the Sunshine State. During his campaign for the Republican nomination, DeSantis emphasized his effective management of the state’s budget. Despite withdrawing from the race, he remains committed to adhering to his own principles.

Steve Rattner: Trump's legal fees are draining campaign dollars

In recent months, there has been a revelation that private supporters of Trump have donated a significant sum of money, nearly $40 million, which has been utilized to cover his legal fees. Moreover, there is also a possibility that these funds have been allocated for the legal expenses of his co-defendants as well.

Individual donors will have the final say on whether they are comfortable with their donations being used to cover the expenses of the three-time loser, rather than supporting his pursuit of a second term in the White House.

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Only time will reveal the fate of the bill, which is being promoted as the ‘Florida Freedom Fighters Fund’. Whether or not Governor DeSantis will veto it remains to be seen.

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