Patrick Mahomes trolls Bills opponent on social media with just two words

On January 8, 2022, in Denver, Colorado, USA, we see the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes (15), getting ready before the game against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High. The photo captures Mahomes in his pre-game preparations, demonstrating his focus and determination. The image, taken by Ron Chenoy, showcases the intensity and dedication of Mahomes as he prepares to lead his team on the field.

Patrick Mahomes showcased his ability to perform at an elite level in the postseason, regardless of whether he is playing at home or on the road. Interestingly, it appears that the talented quarterback found extra motivation from remarks made by a Buffalo Bills player.

After guiding the Chiefs to a hard-fought 27-24 triumph against the Bills in the Divisional Round showdown at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, N.Y., Mahomes took to Instagram to celebrate the victory. Sharing a couple of photos, he captioned them with the words “Good luck.”

It was evident that Bills offensive lineman Dion Dawkins was the target of that comment. Leading up to Sunday’s game, there was plenty of discussion about Mahomes never having played a true postseason road game. Dawkins acknowledged the challenges that visiting players encounter at Highmark Stadium and extended his well wishes and good luck to Mahomes and the Chiefs.

According to Dawkins, Mahomes has never experienced playing at the Bills stadium before. Dawkins believes that the unique environment and atmosphere at the stadium will work in their favor. He describes the feeling of playing at home as “dopest” and expresses excitement about having back-to-back playoff games at their home stadium. Dawkins even mentions the opportunity to leave the stadium and enjoy some wings. He concludes by wishing Mahomes good luck in facing the Bills at their home turf.


Mahomes excelled in the challenging atmosphere, delivering an impressive performance. Despite the windy conditions, he completed 17 out of 23 passes for 215 yards, scoring two touchdowns and avoiding any interceptions. In fact, he displayed remarkable composure as he skillfully evaded snowballs while exiting the field (check out the video for a firsthand view).

Mahomes has already proven himself as a player who thrives in crucial moments, whether he is playing at home or on the road. Throughout his career, he has consistently risen to the occasion, displaying his ability to perform under pressure. Instead of relying on luck, Mahomes uses comments like Dawkins’ as motivation to push himself even further.

Patrick Mahomes took to social media to deliver a lighthearted jab at a Buffalo Bills player. In just two words, Mahomes managed to display his playful side and showcase his wit. This incident was shared on social media platforms and quickly gained attention from fans and followers. It’s always entertaining to see athletes engage in friendly banter off the field, and Mahomes’ clever response certainly didn’t disappoint.

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