Governor Of Georgia Says Fani Willis-led Prosecution Looking More Political

Aiexpress – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) criticized Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) for the prosecution of former President Trump in his Georgia election interference case, suggesting that it has become more politically motivated.

According to Georgia’s governor, he must exercise caution when discussing the matter, but he believes that the case has become more politically charged. This assessment comes in the wake of heightened scrutiny surrounding Willis, who recently disclosed her romantic involvement with Nathan Wade, the attorney she appointed for the case.

“I need to be cautious with my words here as I was subpoenaed by Fani, along with Willis, for the special Grand Jury,” Kemp stated during his interview on NewsNation Tuesday. “However, it’s difficult to fathom that a process, which many, including myself, perceive as highly political, has become even more entangled in politics due to the actions of Fani, Mr. Wade, and others.”

On Tuesday, Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former lawyer, returned to the stand as per the judge’s order to provide more detailed testimony regarding Willis’ romantic relationship with Wade. While both Wade and Willis have admitted to the relationship, they maintain that it began after Wade was hired for the case.

During his appearance on Tuesday, Bradley, who was presented as the defense’s star witness, refuted any knowledge of the exact commencement of the romantic relationship between Wade and Willis.


Bradley stated that he does not have any knowledge regarding the initiation or commencement of it or when it actually began.

In 2022, Kemp, who had been subpoenaed by Willis during her investigation, attempted to block the subpoena. However, in August of that year, a judge ruled that he must appear before the grand jury.

On Tuesday, Kemp expressed his confidence in the judgment of Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee, stating that he believes McAfee will make a wise decision.

Kemp expressed his confidence in Judge McAfee’s ability to make a good decision, stating, “I’m very confident Judge McAfee will make a good decision and then we can go from there.”

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