Gunman Accused Of Killing 7 People Inside 2 Illinois Homes After Self-inflicted Gunshot During Confrontation With Us Marshals

Aiexpress – An Illinois man accused of fatally shooting seven people on Monday killed himself with a gun during a huge manhunt, according to Joliet police.

Romeo Nance was found by U.S. Marshals near Natalia, Texas at approximately 8:30 p.m. When law enforcement confronted him, he tragically ended his own life with a handgun, according to Joliet police.

According to authorities, Nance is believed to have fatally shot seven individuals in neighboring residences earlier that day. It is suspected that he had personal connections to the victims.

The suspect made a quick escape in a red Toyota Camry. Authorities issued a stern warning, emphasizing that he was considered “armed and dangerous.”

Police chief Bill Evans expressed his shock and disbelief when he stated, “I’ve been a policeman for 29 years, and this is probably the most horrifying crime scene I’ve ever encountered.”


On Friday, Nance was purportedly implicated in two more shootings. Regrettably, one man lost his life as a result of the fatal gunshot, while another individual was fortunate enough to endure a non-life-threatening wound.

The police have stated that the shootings seemed to be random.

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